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The Health & Vitality Retreat is a complete life-changing experience. Through this retreat, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you and also embark on the path of healing using ancient techniques of energy modalities to heal different diseases and disorders of the mind, body and spirit.
Positive affirmations and meditation are some of the methods you will learn and use, to achieve a healthy mind & body. This retreat takes you on a mindful journey of self-awareness allowing you to understand the effects of Karma on your body, mind and spirit, even after it moves on.

The retreat has 3 Levels:

Level 1
Focuses on healing mental disorders and phobias and how they are connected to every issue in our lives from a physical to karmic level.

Level 2
Focuses on the effects of not dealing with healing the mental and emotional issues, and how neglecting them could lead to life threatening diseases.

Level 3
Reveals the story of your spirit and its Karma. You will understand the subsequent effects ects of Karma Varganas and the concept of Karman bodies. This level will show instances where sometimes despite all efforts in learning various techniques to heal your body and mind, there could be recurrences of the same issues on your mental, physical and emotional state of mind, because your Karma may not have been completely healed.

Level 1 Topics
Learn how to strengthen your aura
• The concept of a causal body
• The 8th Chakra Meditation & working on Karmic issues
• History of the development of the human mind
• Model of the Conscious, Sub-Conscious & Unconscious Mind
• Heal Phobias through Mind-training, altering patterns of suggestibility from negative to positive
• Mind exercises
• The various methods of inducing the client into a trance
• Dierentiating between emotional & physical suggestibility
• Post trance suggestions
• Procedure of self-trance for self-improvement
• Scripts of giving positive suggestions
• Demo session of Basic Karmic energy healing - Instant Healing
• Practice Karmic Life & Soul Regression
• Practice Karmic Source Memory Healing
• Healing of mental issues through Compulsionblowout, Arm induction and Finger spreading
• Introduction to advanced health biological programs and beliefs
• Medical intuition and scanning
• Karma basic secrets

Level 2 Topics
• The 3 Realms of the Body, Mind and Spirit
• Steps to improve health in the 3 realms
• Learning the major Karmic Reasons why health issues occur
• Introduction to the system of the human body
• Advanced energy healing
• Samadhi meditations
• Working on each organ at a time and their related programs - basical level
• Liver, Kidneys, Stomach, Ovaries, Autism, and Prostrate
• Karma advanced secrets
• Meditation secrets
• Regressions
• The Master Cleanse
• Parasite Cleanse

Level 3 Topics
• Advanced health programs and beliefs
• Working on brain, muscles, bladder, nervous systems
• Introduction to di erent diseases and working on them like diabetes
• Introduction to the system of the human body
• Heart attack, Cholesterol, Migraines, Anxiety, Cancers etc
• Karmic Regressions
• Advanced Samadhi meditations
• Senior Karma teachings and secrets
• Advanced medical intuition practice
• The Meridians & their associated physical issues
• Understanding the specific Karmic oaths required to release fears
• Healing muscles & releasing the stored issues
• Healing bones & the associated diseases
• Healing diseases of brain & nervous system
• The issues/diseases of the Eyes & how to heal them
• The issues/diseases of the Ears & how to heal them
• The issues/diseases of the Skin & how to heal them
• Healing the Respiratory System
• The Cardiovascular System & healing heart issues
• The importance of the Lymphatic System & how to heal it
• The importance of the Digestive System & how to heal it
• Heal issues of the Urinary & Excretory System
• Heal the issues of the Reproductive System

Registration fees:
Level 1 €1000
Level 2 €2500
Level 3 €3500

Register by 10th July and pay €6600 for all 3 Levels!

The prices include manuals, certificate, complimentary accommodation as well as breakfast, lunch, and evening tea with snacks.

SKITA (Sumant Kaul International Training Academy) Budapest Centre, Baross str. 30. (3rd floor, doorbell 23), Budapest 1085
Registration and more information:
Judit: +43-660-7369-501, +36-30-822-1189
Erzsébet: +44-753-1326-575, +36-30-882-8355


"I had anxiety neurosis and suffered extreme anxiety attacks that I used to faint occasionally. The Heart specialist also diagnosed some issue with my heart. The anxiety also led to skin issues. After listening to Karma Healing meditation for 3-4 months, anxiety and other health issues vanished permanently."
Ashna Dhuper

"The retreat has opened knots from my mind – problems that I thought were insurmountable have suddenly become a piece of cake. It has given me the strength, dedication and courage to walk the path of morality with so much ease."
Rahul Hirani

"I healed my psoraisis patch (which was there for the last 17 years) in ONE session with Sumeet ji".
Shivali Ghandi

"I healed my thyroid after attending Karma healing courses and sessions. The results were clearly visible after I got the diagnostic tests done after the healing session."
Ginni Banga

"I had severe back pain and could not walk properly without support and could not without back rest. After attending healing camps, retreat and healing sessions, I completely healed my back. I could instantly jump after the healing session in class even travelled in the airplane alone after 3 years. It is a miracle."
Neha Suneja

"My mouth ulcers healed instantly...Every class with Master Sumant Kaul is so magical!."
Dr Purnima Chhibber

"In November 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 larynx cancer and was advised total laryngectomy that means removal of the entire voice box. Mean while, my sister booked sessions with Sumeet Kaul. The doctors had explained that after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation the remaining right vocal cord would only allow me to speak with a soft whisper or not even that. After the personal healing sessions, I developed an Edema (a swelling) which acted like my left vocal chord and further enabled me to speak once again, where as the Doctors had stated that my voice would not be more than a whisper. With the help of sessions with Sumeet have allowed me to speak up with a voice louder than a mere whisper."
Adil KaderJ aer